Monthly Archives: August 2012

Dumbfounded? Me too.

In his latest letter Mr. Sbragia writes about the importance of freedom of speech without which he agrees with Mr. Hickling, “there can be no true democracy.”

He then decries our (Wolfgang Duntz’, Daron Jennings’, and my) exercise of these very rights through the publication of Building Community on Bowen.

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Two big disappointments

After reading the letters to the Undercurrent from James Hickling and Melissa Harrison I admit to immediately re-reading the first issue of Building Community on Bowen – just to see if I could understand the interpretations in these letters.

I wasn’t able to understand, which led me to two conclusions: either I am singularly inept at written communication or the authors were being disingenuous. Of course I’d like to think the latter…

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Just rewards…

No one should be intransigent in his or her opinion, but one would hope these opinions are at least closely held and change is well-considered rather than simply politically expedient.

In his latest opinion piece, “What’s The Plan”, Murray Skeels attempts once again to lay the responsibility for the activity at Cape Roger Curtis at the feet of this council.

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Just to keep the record straight

In his letter to the Undercurrent, Friday, August 10, 2012, John Sbragia blames this council for  “[…]  the evisceration of our municipal planning department, the emasculation of our environmental committees and truckload after truckload of logs leaving our island.”

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