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Difficult Decisions: Permissive Tax Exemptions and Community Grants

The municipality has the option of providing some level of tax exemption to “charitable, philanthropic or other not for profit organizations.”

The 2013 tax exemptions applications on Bowen Island for all taxing authorities (BIM, Metro Vancouver, Islands Trust, and the Province of British Columbia) totaled $122,550; and the impact on Bowen Island totaled $43,150 in taxes exempted including $3,740 the municipality would be required to pay to Metro Vancouver and Islands Trust on behalf of the exempted properties.

The total impact of these tax exemptions plus the $126,440 in community grants awarded by the municipality is $169,600 – or just over 5% of total property tax revenues.

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Things not mentioned…

In his letter to the Undercurrent (Public planning has kept Bowen a close, caring community, Bowen Island Undercurrent, 28 September 2012), Will Husby felt compelled to respond to “omissions in the recent letter from Ian Henley.”

There were also some omissions and errors in Mr. Husby’s letter.

First it is important to understand that the Cape Roger Curtis Neighbourhood Plan (CRC NP) was not developed in isolation but through a great deal of interaction with the community and the municipality: A process that began at the request of the municipality and continued over several years.

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