Monthly Archives: March 2013

No need for professionalism on Bowen Island?

Murray Skeels is back this week to give us the benefit of his unique interpretations, this time of the Strategic Business Plan.

Murray seems to be really upset about the professionalism demonstrated in the 2013 Strategic Business Plan, and he yearns for “our normal plain old” Strategic Plan.

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At the risk of repeating myself…

In her letter to the Undercurrent, March 22, 2013, Nerys Poole misrepresents council’s actions in much the same manner as last week’s publications of the Bulletin and Bowenian.

Again, this is perhaps in ignorance rather than by design, although in Ms. Poole’s case this excuse is rather thin, considering her admission that she heard the council liaison state that council would not be proceeding with the ferry marshaling plan which is the focus of her letter.

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Is it time for council to start tooting its own horn?

Two publications arrived in the mail this week, Murray Skeel’s Bulletin and the Eco-alliance Bowenian.

Although obviously partisan publications, let’s give both the benefit of doubt and consider what was left out as due to a lack of current and correct information.

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