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What triggered you to make this step and run for municipal office?

Questions posed by the Bowen Island Undercurrent:

  1. What triggered you to make this step and run for municipal office?

My decision to stand for Mayor was not so much triggered as it was a logical step informed by the last decade working at the foundation of our community – volunteer organizations – and on council.

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Building Consensus and Community

My most important lesson of the last three years is how difficult it is to move any agenda forward in the partisan and divisive atmosphere that often pervades our public discourse, and how important it is to move beyond this if we are to prosper.

I believe we have common values – we cherish the same things – and we can and must build consensus on these values, because Council’s success over the next term will depend on building things we cannot see and will benefit us far into the future: the culture of positive public discourse identified in the Community Foundations Vital Conversations report.

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Issues relevant to many development conflicts

This is a comment posted under About Tim Rhodes because the comment period had expired on other posts. At the request of readers and with Ms. Botta’s permission I have re-posted it here.

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