BITE 2009

BITE 2009

090109   Vol 1/Issue 1     FOOD FOR THOUGHT    Conflicted on the Cape (pg 4); Can Bowen afford tourism (pg 7); Off the cuff: Blind spots (pg 8)

090123   Vol 1/Issue 2    OVER MY DEAD BODY    A sense of place (pg 3); The best imperfect solution (pg 3); Off the cuff: Warning signs (pg 8)

090206   Vol 1/Issue 3    WHAT KIND OF LEGACY IS A BEDROOM COMMUNITY    Economic sustainability (pg 3); What kind of legacy is a bedroom community (pg 4); Off the cuff: Grafton goofiness (pg 8)

090220    Vol 1/Issue 4    WANTED: NOMINEES    A single-sided debate is like one hand clapping (pg 4); Recommendations for CRC (pg 6); Off the cuff: An astonishing statement (pg 8)

090306    Vol 1/Issue 5    RESUFFLING THE DECK OF POLITICAL PRIORITIES    The man behind the label (pg 4); Continuum of care (pg 5); Off the cuff: Politburo politics? (pg 8)

090320    Vol 1/Issue 6    EVERYTHING IS A GREENWAY…    Another surprise (pg 3); Call Hooson a champion (CHAC) (pg 5); Off the cuff: Everything is a Greenway… (pg 8)

090403    Vol 1/Issue 7    A CHANCE TO GET IT RIGHT    A chance to get it right (pg 3); 25 Answers about The Cape (pg 5); Off the cuff: Great expectations (pg 8)

090417    Vol 1/Issue 8    THE OCP   Cape Roger Curtis public information meeting (pg 6); The artist behind the label (pg 7); Off the cuff: Prescribe or describe (pg 8)

090501    Vol 1/Issue 9    650+7=58   Why an OCP compliant CRC works (pg 4); At the table (pg 6); Off the cuff: 650+7=58 (pg 8)

090515    Vol 1/Issue 10    THE CREEPING EROSION OF PROPERTY RIGHTS   Community Letters: The formal response (pg 3); The creeping erosion of property rights (pg 3); Off the cuff: Gotcha journalism (pg 8)

090529    Vol 1/Issue 11    COMMUNITY CENTRE MOVING FORWARD   Community Letters: Questions about community decision making (pg 3); At The Table: Community Centre moving forward (pg 8); Off the cuff: Branding Bowen (pg 8)

090612    Vol 1/Issue 12    THE ONLY ACTION WE MAY SEE IS LEGAL   The CRC Subdivision (pg 4); OCP Update (pg 9); Off the cuff: The only action we may see is legal (pg 9)

090626    Vol 1/Issue 13    DENSITY PHOBIC  Community Letters: 35th anniversary (pg 3); At The Table: Difficulty with commitment (pg 8); Off the cuff: Density phobic (pg 8)

090710    Vol 1/Issue 14    OPENESS & TRANSPARENCY?  Betting on ‘market correction’? (pg 6); At The Table: Council as quaility control (pg 8); Off the cuff: Openness & transparency (pg 8)

090724    Vol 1/Issue 15    TOO MUCH TOO FAST  Up to $1350 in tax credits $5000 in grants and more (pg 8); Off The Cuff: First impressions (pg 11); At The Table: Too much too fast (pg 12)

090807    Vol 1/Issue 16    A FRESH CREATIVE LOOK AT ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES  YO! Bowen (pg 4); The politics need to be different (pg 12); Visitor numbers way up (pg 13)

090821    Vol 1/Issue 17    TRANSFORMATIVE COMMUNITY  Perfect for Bowen? (pg 6); A tale of two islands (pg 15); Off the cuff: We may have to be more thorough (pg 16)

090904    Vol 1/Issue 18    MUSEUM AND VISITOR CENTRE CLOSE DOORS  Knick Knack Nook taking shape (pg 7); It’s happening – right before our eyes (pg 14); Off the cuff: Different communities take different approaches (pg 16)

090918    Vol 1/Issue 19    BELTERRA OR BELCARRA  Official Community Plan Update (pg 6); How Bowen Island stats up (pg 12); Belterra or Belcarra? Where is Bowen headed? (pg 16)

091002    Vol 1/Issue 20    $1,468,148  Faction friction (pg 3); View from aBroad (pg 10); Off the cuff: Bowen gets $1.4 million for sewage treatment plant (pg 14)

091016    Vol 1/Issue 21    THINGS SELDOM WORK OUT AS PLANNED  Things seldom work out as planned (pg 13); Late to the table (pg 14); Off the cuff: Is 60% of the island enough park? (pg 16)

091030    Vol 1/Issue 22   GRANVILLE ISLAND WATER TAXI STAYS AFLOAT  Calm passion (pg 8); Granville Island Water Taxi stays afloat (pg 10); Off the cuff: What chance will a DP application have? (pg 16)

091113   Vol 1/Issue 23   OCP PROCESS AT RISK WITHOUT A PLANNER  The spirit of agriculture yet to come (pg 8); At The Table: National Park Initiative (pg 16); Off the cuff: Are we really rural? (pg 16)

091127   Vol 1/Issue 24   LET’S LEARN TO WALK BEFORE WE RUN  eMail to God (pg 9); Inviting a conversation (pg 12); Off the cuff: Let’s learn to walk before we run (pg 16)

091211   Vol 1/Issue 25   WE NOW HAVE A MUNICIPAL PLANNER  Opinion: Considering feedback (pg 3); Opinion: Rationale for development permit approval at council level (pg 12); Off the cuff: Hyperbole (pg 16)

091225   Vol 1/Issue 26   MERRY CHRISTMAS  Bowen steps up (pg 6); A study in irony (pg 8); Off the cuff: Hyperbole (pg 16)

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