BITE 2010

BITE 2010

100108   Vol 2/Issue 1     2009: A YEAR IN REVIEW    Bowen Island could not fundtion without volunteers (pg 9); Off The Cuff: Thank you (pg 12); The list: 2009 the year in review (pg 12)

100219   Vol 2/Issue 2    $839,540 FOR A HOUSE ON BOWEN    $839,450: Average 2009 selling price on Bowen (pg 4); Visas denied. File closed (pg 5); Off the cuff:  Is a resolution a promise? (pg 8)

100305   Vol 2/Issue 3    25 YEARS OF SNUG COVE PLANS    25 Years of Snug Cove Plans (pg 5); Chamber changes (pg 8); Off the cuff: Council has no business in our yards or on our porches (pg 12)

100319   Vol 2/Issue 4    THE 1990 SNUG COVE PLAN THAT DISAPPEARED    The 1990 Snug Cove Plan that disappeared (pg 4); A finite island: relax about the preserve and protect mandate (pg 9); Off The Cuff: Another failed strategy (pg 12)

100402   Vol 2/Issue 5    MORE SNUG COVE PLANS FROM THE 80s    The walkable village (pg 6); Marion’s 104th birthday (pg 13); Off The Cuff: A brief history lesson (pg 16)

100416   Vol 2/Issue 6    A CALL FOR CIVIC PRIDE    Vital signs: an interview with Joyce Ganong (pg 6); At The Table: 4.5% tax increase (pg 12); Off The Cuff: An urgent need of planning (pg 12)

100430   Vol 2/Issue 7    THE 9 QUESTIONS    2001-2004 Snug Cove (pg 6); Off The Cuff: Pilot projects (pg 10); At The Table: 9 questions (pg 12)

100514   Vol 2/Issue 8    NO SHORTAGE OF POTABLE WATER ON ISLANDS    2005 Snug Cove Village Plan (pg A6); Off The Cuff: Disabling the OCP (pg A8); No shortage of potable water on the Gulf Islands (pg B8)

100528   Vol 2/Issue 9    MAYBE OUR CANADIAN GOVERNMENT IS DOING SOMETHING WRONG    Off The Cuff: The dilemma (pg 4); 2006 Snug Cove Village Concept (pg 8); Maybe our Canadian government is doing something wrong (pg 13)

100611   Vol 2/Issue 10    PERCEPTION AND REALITY    At The Table: Instructing the OCP Update Steering Committee (pg 5); Off The Cuff: Perception and reality (pg 5); 2008 Snug Cove Master Plan (pg 8)

100625   Vol 2/Issue 11    THE LAST PICTURE SHOW    Off The Cuff: Read between the lines (pg 5); The last picture show (pg 6); The ideal Snug Cove (pg 7)

100709   Vol 2/Issue 12    THE LAST BITE    The Last Bite (pg 2); OCP Update: Call for a re-write (pg 4); Off The Cuff: OCP Update hijacked by NIMBYs (pg 5)

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