The candidate with the experience


We need to continue to build community around connection, vitality, security, caring and legacy – to build consensus around what we collectively want for Bowen Island’s future. We need a mayor with municipal council experience to continue to move forward.

Over this term I’ve worked closely with over 100 volunteers on 9 committees including Economic Development, Snug Cove Sewer, Cove Bay Water and the Library Board, as well as several volunteer groups.

This was my on-the-job training for the mayor’s chair, how I learned the process and how to apply the analysis, patience… and humility required to work within it – you really don’t know how much you don’t know until you sit with the people who do.

I served as acting mayor over the past two months as Mayor Jack Adelaar sadly lost his long courageous battle with cancer on October 22nd. Jack had many connections at senior levels of government, which served Bowen well. I regret not having him here as a mentor and a rainmaker, but I am encouraged by those who have stepped up to fill this role.

I’ve met with TransLink, Metro mayors, MPs, MLAs and provincial ministers; discussed transportation issues, funding, Howe Sound and economic development, and worked with senior government staff at all levels to advance our interests. And most recently at UBCM, with my fellow councillors, successfully lobbied our member communities to vote with us on the Islands Trust economic impact of BC Ferries on coastal communities.

I hold myself and others to a very high standard, which doesn’t always endear me. I have the courage of my convictions which can lead me to make choices others sometimes find difficult and uncomfortable. But I am always looking to collaborate – looking for the win-win – because I trust people. I take them at face value and I trust them to know their job better than I know it. I have always believed that there is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t need to get credit for it.

The mayor’s role is to facilitate consensus on council to achieve a plan; to then champion the plan, and when it’s time to get down to work, to lead by example. I work hard.

None of this happens without communication – communication without editorial – which is not always easy to achieve – and is an essential skill as the spokesman for the municipality.

My greatest strength and my Achilles heel: I care deeply about Bowen. And because of this I agonize over the decisions, because we have to get it right.

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