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By 2024, my greatest hope will be to have achieved harmony – the understanding that we all cherish and value the same things about Bowen and can all work together towards a common future. I sincerely hope we can achieve this goal within this term, because it will be important to defining our future.

In 2024 I see a charming, well-kept village demonstrating the pride of place we feel for Bowen Island. The businesses are more prosperous and have more time to attend to their premises. Snug Cove has retained its authenticity while still accommodating some growth – mostly artisanal businesses which, like Bowen Island Coffee Roasting, Cocoa West Chocolatier and Artigiani Milanesi Cashmere Tailors, export quality products from the island and create employment on-island. Shops showcasing truly unique offerings from our artists and craftsmen delight visitors. Industrial zoning of a portion of Lot 1 accommodates premises for plumbers and electricians and cabinet makers.

There is, of course, a medical clinic, assisted-living facilities and a continuum-of-care, so never again is a senior forced to move away from their island home. And so parents have the confidence that there is immediate care for their child in the middle of the night, and minor injuries don’t demand a trip to the mainland.
Water-taxi service to downtown Vancouver and points in between is a regularly scheduled service from both Seymour Bay and Snug Cove. The small inn at Seymour Landing has demonstrated the success of ‘hidden tourism’ like retreats, seminars, training sessions and golf retreats; and has been joined by several others in other locations around the island. Bowen Island has a reputation as ‘the place’ to host a corporate retreat, self-improvement program and educational sessions. Visitors and residents alike find it easy to move about the island without using their cars.

And on-island, work is ongoing on widening the shoulders of our roads for pedestrian, bicycle and stroller traffic, and our trails form a truly inter-connected system offering glimpses of the beauty and peace Bowen Island offers. Parkland has been expanded and sensitive ecosystems protected as a legacy for our children and their children.

More young families have moved here over the years, BICS is as vibrant as ever and IPS offers high school as well as middle school. There are housing options suitable to all ages and all incomes, including rental accommodation.

The community centre has grown over the years from its modest beginnings to become the true centre of the community, where we all gather for recreation, entertainment and just hanging out. The bike trails completed on 20-acres of municipal land near Josephine Lake are recognized some of the best facilities in the Lower Mainland.

The fire hall and the water treatment plant are no longer considered new and the old general store (the library) is just as beautiful and even more vibrant because of the inclusion of the BIAC gallery in the Annie Laurie Wood Annex.

Everything that has been added contributes to and enhances the things we cherish, and the island is recognized as a model of a vital viable community, increasingly reliant on its own economy.

We’re already taking steps in this direction. Let’s finish the journey.

Tim Rhodes

If you like Tim’s 2024 vision for Bowen we ask that you vote for Tim on Saturday, November 15th, so that together we can make this a reality.

Elect Tim Rhodes Mayor

Authorized by Michael Cornelissen, financial agent, 604.947.9352

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